What do we do for our customers?

The modern consumer has access to an almost infinite supply of products and services. Brand loyalty increasingly loses from those companies offering the most relevant purchase experience. Personalisation therefore rapidly develops itself into a core competence for retailers.

The amount of available platforms, products, tools and features grows day by day. For many marketers it is hardly possible to get a good overview. Relevant Online therefore specializes in selecting and implementing the most effective personalisation solutions.

Due to our cooperation with carefully selected partners we are able to help you select the perfect solution in your situation. Moreover, we look after the optimal integration within the existing infrastructure. This way we enable you to test the most suitable personalisation solution with a minimum of effort. From selection to integration to testing and optimization; we unburden you during the complete process.

Together with Relevant Online we did not only generated a significant increase in online turnover, we also tempted more online visitors to come visit our showroom. The targeting and segmentation is transparent and the campaigns are managed pro-actively.

Maurice van Drongelen

Marketing Manager, Totaalmarkt

What do we do for our partners

The number of platforms, products, tools and features that promises retailers a personalised customer experience is growing every day. Hence, for suppliers of innovative solutions it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish from the competition. Customers simply do not see the wood for the trees anymore, and therefore fail to see what makes each solution distinctive.

Relevant Online consults retail and e-commerce professionals about relevant personalisation solutions. As a result of our knowledge of the market and the technology we are able to recognize effective solutions, and to promote these convincingly within our extensive retail- and partner network. We form the reliable link between technology provider and the user.

As such we offer suppliers of innovative and effective personalisation software a valuable and quick access to the Dutch, German and Scandinavian market. We introduce your solution to prospects, and we make sure the added value compared to the numerous competitors is clearly highlighted. We generate new customers on no cure, no pay basis.

We were looking for a transparent and modulair solution to offer our visitors a personal experience. Relevant Online suggested a perfect solution with which we currently manage all personalization campaigns effectively in house.

Debby Schelfaut

Sr. Online Projectmanager, Beate Uhse GmbH

Importance of privacy

In a world in which retailers want to communicate increasingly personal with their (potential) clients, privacy is a big issue.

When you start personalising your website and marketing channels, you obviously need to follow the rules regarding data-storage and privacy. It is almost equally important to always keep the visitor in mind. What variables are at my disposal to properly estimate someone’s information needs? What do I want to show this visitor, and does it contribute to more relevance and a more pleasant experience without negatively affecting his or her sense of privacy?

The possibilities with the use of data are virtually limitless. Relevant Online has experience in finding and keeping the right balance between the use of data and the privacy perception of the user.

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